$15 For All You Can Eat Russian-Style Tapas (Zakouski) at Troika Restaurant and Bar

Restaurant Troika ($35 Value)

$35    $15
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  • Russian menu adapted to the modern palate, will please the finest gastronomes 
  • Elegant and trendy atmosphere, recently renovated
  • Choose between 25 types of Russian Tapas (Zakouski), hot and cold
  • Offers the best selection of vodka in the city with over 50 different brands 
  • Perfect for a romantic dinner or a 'happy hour' with friends
  • Many entertaining events such as Ladies Night 
  • Located in the heart of downtown Montreal on Crescent Street
Description & Reviews

Feel like trying out a new restaurant and discovering different and inventive food in an elegant and trendy atmosphere? Take a look at Buytopia’s offer, $15 For All You Can Eat Russian-Style Tapas (Zazouski) at Troika Restaurant and Bar (a $35 value)!

Your evening will be full of delicious food and flavor at Troika Restaurant and Bar with more than 25 types of Russian Tapas made of fish, eggplant caviar, sweet and sour cucumber and several salads and starters (hot and cold). Perfect for foodies and gastronomes who want to try something new!

Come and enjoy ladies night or a fun-filled happy hour amongst friends while enjoying more than 50 different brands of vodka.  Troika Restaurant and Bar is perfect for a sociable and entertaining evening in Montreal. Come and enjoy this offer with friends!

Fine Print
  • Includes a $35 credit for all you can eat Russian-style tapas (zakouskis) 
  • Unlimited tickets per person, unlimited gifts - No ticket limit per table 
  • One ticket per person per visit
  • Reservations required 
  • Opened for dinner only 
  • Taxes and tips not included
  • No cash value 
  • Expires: May 31, 2012
2171 Rue Crescent
H3G 2C1
(855) 296-2929