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Esso ($234 Value)

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$234 Esso Gift Card Bundle - Company Website

For $200 you get:

  • Two (2) $100 Esso™ E-Gift Cards ($200 Value) 
  • One (1) PRICE PRIVILEGES™ Fuel Savings E-Card - save 5¢/L on 680 litres of fuel ($34 value) 

Exlusive Canada 150 Offer - Celebrate Canada's 150th with this amazing Gift Card deal from the Esso brand!

Delivered to your email address within 10-15 business days of purchase.

  • This bundle includes Two (2) $100 Esso E-Gift Cards and a $34 Esso PRICE PRIVILEGES Fuel Savings E-Card that saves you 5 cents per litre on your next 680 litres of fuel. 
  • Esso E-Gift Cards
    • Convenient and simple to use, Esso Gift Cards are perfect for people on the go. 
    • They're good for everything Esso, including gas, car washes, snacks and other essentials at approximately 1,800 Esso-branded service stations in Canada.
  • Esso PRICE PRIVILEGES Fuel Savings E-Cards
    • Esso PRICE PRIVILEGES Fuel Savings E-Cards give you cents-per-litre savings on fuel at approximately 1,800 Esso stations across Canada.
    • Simply present your PRICE PRIVILEGES Fuel Savings E-Card in-store at time of payment, pay the remaining balance on your bill, and see the instant fuel savings and remaining litres on your PRICE PRIVILEGES Fuel Savings E-Card on your receipt. For more information, please visit
  • Shipping: e-cards will be emailed to your email address associated with your account 
  • Returns: No returns allowed

About Esso

The Esso brand is known across Canada as one of the leading providers of quality fuels, commuting and road trip essentials, car washes, and more. Synergy™ gasolines are quality fuels that have 7 key ingredients and are engineered to help improve fuel economy*. From coast to coast, a network of over 1,800 stations serves communities large and small with fast, friendly service and consistent quality. 

For more information, please visit

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • When should I expect my gift card order to arrive via email?
    • Please allow 10-15 business days for delivery in your inbox.
  • How do I activate gift cards?
    • Gift cards will be sent active to your email address, you do not need to activate them after receiving them.
  • What should I do if my gift cards are lost or stolen?
    • Your gift cards will be sent to your email address associated with your account. Please make sure that that email address is accurate and you receive a confirmation email for your purchase as a sign your address is correct. Once cards are sent, they will be active and and Esso cannot replace lost or stolen cards.
  • How do I cancel my order before the cards are sent?
    • A cancellation cannot be guaranteed, and cannot refund, or return Gift Cards that have been sent via email due to a customer cancellation request.
  • Do my cards expire? 
    • Your Esso E-Gift Card never expires.
    • Your Esso PRICE PRIVILEGES Fuel Savings E-Card will expire January 31, 2018. 
Fine Print

Digital Esso Gift Cards, Esso Carwash cards and PRICE PRIVILEGES cards are only redeemable in-store at participating Esso-branded retail stations in Canada and may not be redeemed for cash unless required by law. Imperial Oil is not responsible for replacing value of any of these cards if lost, stolen, destroyed, damaged or used without your consent. Cards are not reloadable at the station. For complete terms and conditions or to check your balance visit

*Fuel economy improvement is based on Synergy-branded gasoline, where available, compared to gasoline meeting minimum Canadian government detergency standards. Actual benefits will vary depending on factors such as vehicle type, driving style, and gasoline previously used. Esso and PRICE PRIVILEGES are trademarks of Imperial Oil Limited. Imperial Oil, licensee. All trademarks used herein are trademarks or registered trademarks of Exxon Mobil Corporation or one of its subsidiaries.

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