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At Buytopia we want you to benefit even more from our amazing deals!

Because the only thing better than getting amazing deals yourself, is sharing them with friends. Especially when buytopia pays you to do it! We love deals and we love our causes, so if you can get people supporting them faster than we can, we want to compensate you! With buytopia we’ll pay you every time you refer someone who buys on our site, AND not just new users who make their first purchase, we’ll pay you for EVERY TIME someone buys through your link, whether it’s their first or 100th buy at

And the best part is that you don’t even have to buy the deal to make money if other people buy, so post for all the deals you think your friends will like, even if you wouldn’t use them yourself. That means that even though your skin is silky smooth, you never know who might want that micro-dermabrasion session to spiff themselves up. They’ll love you for showing them the deal, you'll love it when you get paid and many great charities will love the support through buytopia. Everybody's happy!

Also, the more people who join the site, the more buying power we have to get better deals!

So you guys don't pay in teeth whitening and spa packages do you?

Well, only if you want to have a smile that can be seen from outer space...

Actually the way we pay is simple. You’re account keeps accumulating cash, if ever you want to buy a deal from us, we automatically use your account money to make the purchase so you don’t have to bother with pulling out your credit card info and then waiting for us to pay you later, this way you don't just get money on pay day.

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